Eisenhower Casino Coin Set 2.0


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This is the latest, updated version of the very popular Eisenhower Casino Sets we have sold so well at Stevens Magic – at they are BEAUTIFUL! Eisenhower Casino Coin Sets 2.0 – featuring new, boldly painted coloring (three pieces total), hand-painted and custom-made by John Jurney. These hand-painted chips feature vibrant colors that have the benefit of providing a strong contrast and undeniable change of transposition. They visually morph not only from being silver dollars, but casino chips and even different colored chips. Comes with the high-quality coins you would expect and a link that provides a routine and explanations. Of course, don’t limit yourself to the routine taught—using your imagination, you can come up with your own. Incredible quality at an incredible price.

“Rated 5 out of 5 – The best triple split set of coins you can get for the money. Other sets use stickers that don’t look great and don’t slide well. Here you’re getting a complete package and a routine you can do in the real world. Personally, I use a tighter routine than the one John includes; you can pick and choose sequences you like and make it your own. I’ve tested it in the trenches for two weeks and I’ve decided to get a second set in case these suddenly become unavailable. No pocket space, no table, instant reset, very visual, easy, angles for real world use, and works for all demographics. If you’re a worker you’re very unlikely to be disappointed.” – Brandon Lawrence (verified owner)

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