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This is compact dispenser of Yigal Mesika’s popular Invisible Thread. Each dispenser contains a single fiber, 100 ft in length, of the same thread custom designed for Mesika’s world-famous Loops! • Custom designed dental floss style dispenser. • Elastics stretch up to five times their original size! • Matte finish to diminish any possible problems with light. • Includes instructions for an innovative hookup by Mesika. A bonus effect, The Phantom Fork, is also included. A fork is set on the floor – any fork can be used. As the audience “channels the power of its mind,” the fork begins to mysteriously move! After the demonstration the fork can be examined – it is completely ordinary! “Your new single-thread container will make the impossible that much easier.” — Michael Weber

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1 review for Elastics – Mesika

  1. gary tinsley

    I saved money purchasing this product at Stevens Magic Emporium, as your prices include shipping. While other stores seemed to have a lower price, when I went into the check out process they added a minimum of $3.00 above and beyond your price with the cheapest shipping method for the same product. I thought people should be aware that while Stevens Magic’s price may seem to be higher, in the end after the other companies add their shipping, Stevens has a better price on this and many other items.

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