Emotional Mentalism – Vol. #2 – Luca Volpe (BK)


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 Below is just an initial sampling of “some” of the material and contributors featured in this book! We will be “updating” this page as new information comes to light!  That stated, just the contributors and routines below easily provide excellent value for the price!

Intro: Following up from his successful first volume, Luca Volpe is back doing what he does best – scripting excellent routines and adding the ever important “emotional impact.”  Here are 10 great reasons why you should consider this book!  With contributions from:

  1. Jerome Finley
  2. Neal Scryer
  3. Bill Cushma
  4. Davi Thiel
  5. Richard Tenace
  6. Pablo Amirà

1. PSY ACAAN – A psychic plot on Any Card at Any Number with a multiple revelation finale, that involves all of the audience. A Great start to any show!

 2. MATCHING DREAMS – A very deep, emotional and powerful psychometry routine with a meaning. Very entertaining and empowering for your audience!

 3. THE ENERGY WAVE – A new touch on the “which hand plot” with multiple revelations, a great way to energize your audience.

4. MONEY ATTRACTS MONEY – A very entertaining routine in which you will be able to demonstrate the power that each of us has to attract money. A beautifully scripted routine with a serial number revelation, a wonderful way to use the pendulum and the haunted key too!

5. THE WHITE DOORS – This is my “emotional confabulation” routine that I have been performing for many years on cruise ships. A gift box will remain in full view and, through a relaxation and visualization process, a lady from the audience will give you some information which will be revealed in a prediction that has been in the box on the table. No assistant needed!

6. THE CRYSTAL – I have performed this for years and it is one of my favorite pieces! A spectator becomes the mind reader and will be able to guess a thought of word from another member of the audience. The script is beautifully constructed and covers all the psychological nuances! Very powerful.

7. UNLOCK YOUR DREAMS – A strong and emotional routine, in which a lady writes her dream on the surface of a lock and will be able to find the key that opens the lock, through the use of her subconscious mind. This story developed from something that really happened to me and it has the ability to really change the life of the person involved. You don’t need a special lock to do this routine, everything is examinable, you can even give the lock and key as a souvenir

 8. ASHES OF MIND – A routine which involves tarot cards, a pendulum, and pictures from audience members. A strong routine with an incredible finale!Perfect for psychic parties and for advertising purposes.

 9. TAROT CHAIR TEST – I was reluctant to tip the secret of this routine! It is a multiple revelation chair test in which a spectator becomes the psychic!

 10. THE HUMAN ENERGY GRID – This is the perfect example of how a simple method can become a great routine with a deep meaning. After a relaxation and energy cleaning process, you will be able to predict the position of three crystals that a lady from the audience places in her hands.

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