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For those of you that prefer a hard copy – it is “FREE” with any purchase – while supplies last!  This has been a very successful catalog because it focuses primarily on lower-priced, quality products.

Seriously, this catalog is doing very well because it provides a nice sampling of quality at great prices.  For example, there are 94 items $50 and below! 18 items priced from $51-$75. 12 items price over $76.00.  All Great Winners – Tried and Tested.

Naturally we encourage you to check it out – either by clicking on the link above, or requesting a copy when you place your order.  If you already get our 6-7 hard copy catalogs we send each year – Great! You can keep them coming by making occasional purchases. Each time you place an order your “catalog subsription” is updated.  Too many times we have people call us and say, “Hey, I haven’t gotten a catlog from you guys for over a year!”  Unfortunately, (as we hate not hearing from you), it because there has been no purchases.  The print catalog in addition to being an exceptionally difficult challenge to put out internally, has become even more expensive to do so.

The cost of printing has risen dramatically, along with coding and then labeling and packaging.  Then there is the mailing costs and return mailing cost for people that have moved with no forwarding address – YIKES! It will make you run for the hills!  No wonder Joe wants to go Fishing in the Summer time! 

Don’t get me wrong – we still love putting together these catalogs!  We just need your support to keep doing it and also your support to keep sending them to you!

Note: If you order this catalog with an order and we are out of it, we will substitute it with another catalog.

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