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Critics and customers unanimously agree that Encore 3 contains more practical, powerful, performance material than any other book of its kind. Reputations have been made from the material in this book.
When Michael Ammar put a card on the Kremlin ceiling, Michael used the method taught in this book.
For almost 10 years Siegfried Fishbacker used the same routine to turn the ceiling in his dressing room at the MIRAGE into a Who’s Who list of celebrities.
The original and ONLY printed source for this full routine is Encore 3!
No matter what your current magic skill level may be, you will find material here you can use with amazing results. Copperfield used the Cards into Card Case on TV, Paul Daniels used the Sponge Ball up the Spectators Sleeve to open one of his specials, Doug Henning used the Hundred Dollar Bill Switch routine straight from this book, and there are other examples too numerous to list of the material from this book being used in professional arenas. This material is audience-proven by top professionals around the world.

Flash Coins (Michael Ammar):
Three coins from lighter, then the lighter changes to a coin (uses the Topit)
The Name is the Same (Roger Klause):
Transposition of 2 marked bills using cigarette pack and a TT
Klause’s Bill Switch (Roger Klause, Ammar, Gaeton Bloom, Tony Miller):
TT Bill Switch with 4 presentation ideas
Yeast Card (Michael Ammar):
Signed card rises to top, ends up in book of matches
All American Reverse Matrix (Harry Levine):
A reverse matrix using four different coins, playing cards, and no extras
Action Change (Yoshio Hirose):
Four Jokers change to four Jacks when thrown onto the table (Marlo’s Triple Buckle)
Beenie Weenie (Michael Ammar):
Chop Cup type effect using a solid can. Only one “cup” used for the routine (no switches)
Two Dollar Bill Tear (Michael Ammar):
$2 bill torn into two ones, then restored. Good for walk around, instant reset. With additional presentation ideas.
Cards Into Case (Mark Lefler):
Cards are fanned when the magician suddenly realizes he forgot to take them from the case. Also Paul Harris’ presentation and handling.
Magical Change (Michael Gallo):
Silver dollar to 2 halves, back again, then into quarters by the wave of the hand (challenging)
Two Dollars to Four Halves (Michael Gallo):
Silver dollar in each hand change to 4 halves (simpler!)
The Gallo Pitch (Lou Gallo):
Versatile coin move thoroughly explained
Absent Minded Miracle (Doug Bennett):
Four Aces dealt, though the card case is sealed. (bottom deal)
Tie Tack (Tony Miller):
Selected card appears on impromptu tie tack.
Silver Sponge (Doug Bennett):
Sponge absorbs coins, which are then wrung out, and a spoon is logically produced.
Card on Ceiling (Michael Ammar):
Michael’s handling
Sponge Ball Up The Sleeve (Roger Klause):
In the spectator’s sleeve, that is. And repeated. (uses TT)
Coins Thru Silk (Michael Ammar):
Three silver dollars visibly penetrate a sheer scarf one by one, the last one in the spectator’s hand.
Professional Applications of the Gallo Pitch:
Michael Gallo’s Coins Thru Table, Lou Gallo’s Coins Across, and Michael Ammar’s Coins Thru Table.

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