Encyclopedia For Magicians (Mikame) (CL)


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 What a great way to customize an effect, Mikame thinks of everything! The Encyclopedia For Magicians is based off the production box effect; however, it has been customized into the form of a book. From this magical book, which the magician opens up and shows to be empty, he then closes the book and a few seconds later, opens it producing his favorite caned drinking beverage—after all performing quality magic makes him thirsty.

The book is then closed and can produce other items…silks, feather flowers, etc. (repeatedly). Another strong visual production from Mikame’s new “classic” line. Requires some practice and familiarity, but it is not technically difficult to execute. The Encyclopedia For Magicians is constructed of hard wood that has been lightly stained.

It also features elastic hinges that allow smooth movements and opening and closing (versus rigid and tight movements if the elastic wasn’t’ there). The book features finger holes on both sides allowing for easy and excellent control of the effect at all times. The Encyclopedia also comes with six small, circular neodymium magnets as well. The book stands just less than 10-inches tall, 3-inches thick and 7-inches wide—weighing 1-pound and 13-ounces.

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