Encyclopedia Of Card Tricks (Book)


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This book is in its fifth printing. What a classic of card magic by Jean Hugard! This book contains between its covers nearly every practical card trick produced, invented and improved by magical students for 40 or more years. Were one to sit back and mull over the countless hours of study, concentration and brain-wrecking periods of mind fixation necessary to produce the contents, it would stagger the best of imaginations. Mr. Hugard tested every trick herein before placing it on paper.

Where, as was the case quite often, the original work deleted or skipped over important details necessary for correct performance, he discovered these missing points and corrected the faults. Show after show may be built from the contents of this book and it is doubtful if the day will come when the tricks herein will not be useful. It is hardly probably that this generation of magicians and card trick fans will again see the likes of the revised “Encyclopedia Of Card Tricks”.

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