Encyclopedia Of Egg Magic (Book)


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The Egg: Fascinating—Mysterious—Innately Funny. How can one simple object be all these things and more? That is, perhaps, the central mystery of the egg. But with all these things going for it, the egg is a perfect prop for the magician. The egg is a prop that “packs small, plays big,” and suits itself to all venues: close-up, platform and stage. This book has chapters that cover: Natural Eggs, Productions, The Egg Bag, Transformations, Imitation Eggs, Vanishes, Transpositions, Misc. Effects, Fekes & Gimmicks, Balancing Feats, Animations and Routines. This book has 319 large pages containing more than 270 tricks and routines, plus nearly 50 more articles pertaining to the performance of uncommon and amazing things with the egg, supplemented by over 490 illustrations by J.K. Schmidt. A wealth of material for the parlor and stage magician.

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