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Details: This gigantic encyclopedia is in response to the demand for comprehensive and accurate information concerning levitations and suspensions. It supplies answers to hundreds of questions raised by professional and amateur magicians alike. There is a complete selection of all known methods of suspensions and levitations, as that the performer can select those which best suit his individual needs.

In addition, S.H. Sharpe has provided a complete chronology of the levitation, covering its history from the earliest recorded account (1355) to modern times. Entries of concurrent political, social and intellectual history have been added to give the reader an historical background to the evolution of levitation.

The act of levitating a person has remained the most entrancing and talked-about illusion of all time. Audiences still marvel at the sight of a person floating freely in mid-air and remaining there under the magician’s control. Every great magician has featured the levitation – Thurston, Dante, Blackstone, Kalanag, Sorcar, Mark Wilson and many others.

This deluxe hardbound book is divided into sections on Suspension, Levitation, The Mystery of Asrah, Novel Ideas and Presentations, The Contemporary Wizard, The Historical Chronology, and Source-ery. With over 250 illustrations and a complete index, this is a must for the serious performer.


1 Introduction
1 Evolution Of The Floating Lady Trick

23 Part One : Suspension
23 A Living Woman Made To Recline In Midair
27 Broom Suspension
32 Riser Broom Suspension
34 Riser Improved Suspension
36 Overseas Suspension
38 The Hewes Levitation
41 Indian Bed Of Arrows
43 Indian Sword Suspension
46 Stream Lined Sword Suspension Illusion
51 Girl On Swords – Oriental Version
54 One-Man Body Suspension
55 Easy-Do Board Suspension
57 Gravity Defied
59 Trilby Jr
61 A Vertical Suspension
63 Revolving Suspension
66 Carousel Suspension

73 Part Two : Levitation
73 Aga
73 Rising Block Version
75 Screw Lilt Aga
77 Triple Column Aga
79 The Goldston Aga Illusion
81 The Floating Lady
82 The Great “Flying Lady” Illusion
84 Trilby
85 The Revolving Lady in Midair
88 Siro’s Revolving Levitation
90 Aga Thru The Floor
92 Aga Aga’st
94 The Couchless Floating Lady
96 “Fan Levitation”
98 Improved Aga
99 Electro Magnet Levitation
101 Sinclair Levitation
103 “See Through” Levitation
104 The Lady Floats – With Wires
106 Super Levitation
109 Kellar Levitation
114 Deland’s Levitation
116 “Etheria” or The Human Aeroplane
119 The Floating Mummy
123 The Floating Princess
125 Club Performer Levitation
127 Les Levante’s Levitation
131 Best Yet Levitation
133 Improved Super Levitation
135 Super X Levitation
137 Two Hoop Routine
138 Dream Levitation

145 Part Three – The Mystery of Asrah
145 The Asrah Illusion
147 Watch Her Go
151 The “Phantom Illusion”
154 Dunninger’s Improved Asrah Levitation
156 Parlour Asrah Levitation
158 Night Club Asrah
161 Casket Asrah
164 Small Stage Asrah
169 Sorcar’s Floating Lady
173 Aga – Asrah Combo Levitation
179 Thurston’s Patter and Presentation For The Karnac Levitation
187 Blackstone and the Maskelene – Kellar Levitation

195 Part Four: Novel Ideas and Presentations
195 Surrounded Table Levitation
197 Burlesque Comedy Levitation
199 The Lady Floats Again
202 Victory Levitation
204 “Floating a Lady in a Cabaret”
205 Floating a Strange Lady
208 “Girls In The Air”
209 Club Levitation
211 Levitation oi Ball, Orange or Woman
213 Hoop Manipulations For Double Gooseneck
214 Collapsable Dummy For Asrah Illusion
216 Ovette’s $10 Aga Lilt
217 Russel’s Levitation Lilt
218 “Gizmo For Levitation”
219 Aga on Any Stage
220 Presentation Idea For Super X Levitation
221 Floating Head Illusion
223 Floating Lady
225 The Human Zombie
226 The Limit Levitation
227 Uncanny Seli-Levitation
230 The Floating Magician

235 Part Five: The Contemporary Wizard and the Floating Lady
235 After Reading This Book
236 School Auditoriums
237 Banquet Halls and Conventions
237 Broom Suspensions
238 Floor Shows, Night Clubs, Surrounded Conditions
239 Fairs, Outdoor Attractions, Etc
240 Professionals in Action

245 Part Six: Chronology
245 Chronology (S.H. Sharpe)

261 Part Seven: Source-ery
261 Bibliography of Reference Material
265 Music for Levitation
267 Index

Publisher: Hades Publications
Pages: 275
Location: Alberta, Canada
Dimensions: 8″x 11″
Date: 1976, 1983
Binding: hardbound

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