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We (Stevens Magic) found a box about a year ago that had been stored for years, full of latex props, which I think was made by Bill Placko (not sure of the name). They were in pristine condition, and Bill made a lot of great latex magic props back in the 80’s. I was amazed at how quickly we sold out of the limited amount of products we found at that time. Now, finally there is a new source for quality latex props that really are excellent props and tools for magicians and performers of all types. First created by Al Cohen – 40+ years ago

Endless bananas (pair) MagicLatex: two bananas are supplied, each approximately 5,5 inches long, able to be hidden in your hand very easily using the technique described in the instructions. Bananas are very real, hand-painted in various tones of color so you could use them even in “close-up” magic routines. With these bananas you can perform the classic routine of endless bananas, in which you show a banana, put it in a paper bag, hat, briefcase or in your pocket, and magically appears another banana in the other hand, you take it, and put it in the same place than the other, and immediately, another banana appears in your free hand. You can repeat the sequence as many times as you want.

You could also make appearances or disappearances from unexpected places creating magical and fun situations at once, thought for children and grownups. To children is a well known element and colorful at the same time, which captivates the attention immediately. To grownups, implications of a “banana” fruit, guarantees several laughs. Two bananas are supplied, a paper bag and instructions with 8 full color step by step manipulation photographs , describing the method used for the multiplication of bananas. You get everything you need in order to begin practicing this routine that will give you entire satisfaction and for sure you will add to your repertoire. You will receive a CERTIFICATE of AUTHENTICITY.

Fantasio: Excellent products for the professional magician. They are more realistic than foam or sponge products, and can be used inches away from the spectator

Daryl: The Magician’s Magician : MAGICLATEX makes some of the best and most realistic looking props in the world of magic. I’ve used some of their products in my performances at The Magic Castle and NOBODY suspected a thing!

Kevin James: MAGICLATEX makes some really wonderful latex products. I was very impressed. You will be too.

Hans Klok: MAGICLATEX is simply the best.


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