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You simply will not believe your eyes! When you see this product – you will agree Robert Frederico is both magician and artist! 

Robert Frederico is the creator of The Ultimate Floating Half, Solid Silver Levitation, Helicopter Coin, The Incredible Shrinking Dime, Firefly and Silly George… as well as his book, Disposable Coins (with contributions by David Roth, Michael Ammar and Doug Bennett.)

Look Real Don’t They!

For those that want to add a very unique accessory to the JFK Levitation 2.0 – this is it!  There are a limited number of these Old English Penny Foil Coins with a Kennedy face on the obverse side for this effect. Important do NOT purchase this special coin unless you already own the JFK Levitation 2.0 (unless you are already well aware of it and have other plans for using it).  These are limited availability and cost more because they are a lot harder to make and each one is made by hand by Robert Frederico! 

For Basic Effect – scroll to the bottom of this product page and click on JFK Levitation 2.0.

Robert Frederico Performed As A Guest of Coin Master David Roth at The 1987 New York Magic Symposium With His Foil Coins And Effects and His Book Disposable Coins.

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