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The legend of the world’s contests, Professor Sakou, is back. There was a time when Cyril, who is familiar on TV, was also studying under Sakou. And Sakou products are not only announced products, but also some are secretly bought and sold behind the scenes, so it is not possible to grasp the whole picture.

Sako, a science professor who also studied aviation. He finishes the tools professionally by applying heat himself from one small metal part. Recently, such multiple Sakou products have been collectively passed from the person himself to Sadato Kitahara. Magic Land will release this gimmick card, which is the most popular trick and carries Sakou-style craftsmanship.

This product is all handmade by Mr. Sakou himself. The strength of each part is higher than that of similar products, and the visual of the penetration phenomenon can be enhanced. Try to create a new visual by penetrating various things from daily necessities to magic tools.

A beautiful Card Penetration, during before, or after a card routine! You can penetrate a Bicycle card with, your choice of a steel ball, card, silk or a cigar Right before the eyes of your audience! A good finish to a card routine or perform it just As it is: A clever penetration!

Each Epilson Card is handmade to perfection, and yes, it is a “gaffed card.” The gimmick is The best made that I have ever seen and will last a long, long time! (No latex involved here). See video of performance and ideas! Top quality.

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