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Eraser Card (FREE with $50 Plus Purchase)

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FREE with $50 Plus Purchase.

The performer displays a playing card from a different deck as a prediction. He then proceeds to perform a card trick with a different deck.  At the conclusion of the effect, the performer’s prediction is WRONG!  The spectator selected the Two of Spades, but the prediction is seen to be the Ace of Spades.  Naturally the performer is embarrassed and pulls out a rectangular eraser and tries to erase one of the pips off the Two of Spades, thereby correcting his mistake, and “magically” making it the “Ace of Spades.” This is a very funny moment when played right…  But upon turning the eraser around, it is seen that the Ace of Spades is printed on the eraser! Thus proving that the REAL prediction was right all along!  Just when the spectators think the effect is over, the card is now turned over to reveal the Two of Spades has really changed into the Ace of Spades!

This double whammy kicker will completely erase their minds!

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