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IMPORTANT: These are just the gimmicked CHIPS only.  They come with limited instructions which show the clever markings, and some routine ideas.  However, the routines included within the instructions are for the complete ESP Chip Sensational (also available at Stevens Magic) with wood container housing that is not included in this SKU.  However, we at Stevens Magic are confident that the material provided with these sets is enough for you to understand and apply your own “equivoque style” routines. and the fact they are shimmed gives you more options.

See Very Bottom of this page for the complete deluxe version of this effect. ESP detection using ESP Colored chips. Manufactured by Viking Mfg. Co. ESP Chipsational.  These are exceptionally high quality chips in every way.  

While the effect is an old one, our new method and props bring this into the 21st. century. No expense has been spared to bring you a truly first rate effect.

EFFECT: The performer shows the audience two sets of five Colored chips. A variety of effects can be performed using these chips.  In some cases you will only need three chips.  The point is you are provided with 11 total chips (two sets of each) which allows a volume of effects to be created or implemented.  You can use these for Psychic experiments involving one of the spectators.

Things to remember:

  • There is no force of any kind. The spectator has 100% control over the order of his selections.
  • The outcome of each presentation is completely random.
  • No sleights.
  • All props may be handled by the spectator.
  • The props are first rate.
  • The outcome can be different every time and although the trick is not completely self-working it is very easy to do.

You have a choice of either the ESP chip set or the assorted Color Chip set. This SKU reflects the COLOR Chips.  Both work exactly the same.


The first version sold by The Trickery c. 1999 was made by Jack Ruda and called ESP Experience (see final photo).  Of course this item is effectively the same as Alan Warner’s Enigmatic c. 1986 predating Jack Ruda’s version.

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