ESP Die Cipher II Stainless Steel Set


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Die-Cipher II Stainless Steel Limited Edition Set (100 made). For nearly two decades, Die-Cipher 2 has been magic’s favorite pocket trick. This limited Stainless Steel Set Includes: the Regular die, the ESP Die, canister, lid, instructions and The Shadow Principle booklet. Limited edition run of 100 sets.

The Shadow Principle booklet comes with advanced handlings for Die-Cipher II, and ‘eye’ cards. Effect: While the performer’s back is turned, a spectator places a die into the canister anyway he or she wants, then covers with the lid. The performer can turn around and without asking a question, tell the exact number selected. Our Brass Die-Cipher II is a classic and has been a favorite pocket trick for over 20 years. This limited edition Stainless Steel version is sure to please Die-Cipher fans.

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