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A fabulous mental effect for all audiences, very well made – we checked it! Easy to see and cleverly adapted! Plays well for parlor or even close up.  Easy to carry and easy to perform, yet will astonish your audiences!

Quote; Joe Stevens “This has been a favorite of mine for years! I use it in all of my mentalist shows and always get a good reaction

A Plexiglas frame, on which ten cards with different ESP symbols are placed at random. All cards are removed and five are handed to a spectator to shuffle and the mentalist keeps the remaining cards. The mentalist arranges his/her five cards in one column and asks the spectator to choose where they have to place their cards. When the board is turned around the spectator finds that all the ten cards have perfectly been matched TWO by TWO!
A perplexing ending for sure. Impossible but true!

Don’t miss this one as it works itself and is amazing! 

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