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Telepathy Cards are based on a diabolical principle credited to Bob Fillman and Tan Hock Chuan. Briefly: 5 ungaffed envelopes are shown, each with an ordinary, blue card inside. Each has a different ESP symbol on them. A spectator selects any card, then turns it over and puts it back into the envelope. All the envelopes are closed, then thoroughly mixed. After the mixing, no one – the spectators or the performer – knows which envelope contains the selected card.

The performer deals the envelopes into a row on a table and has a spectator select one…it is the correct symbol! Instead of having the spectator locate the envelope, the performer can hold each one to his forehead one at a time to get a mental impression, then set aside one envelope – the one containing the selection!

Note: The envelopes are identical and are not marked in any way. The performer cannot see into the envelopes and does not get any clue from any visual clue from the envelopes. Each card is identical in size, shape and color, only the symbols are different. I’ve demonstrated this effect hundreds of times and often would tell my audiences that the envelopes are ordinary…they come from an office supply store. The cards are cut from ordinary poster board. “If you pay me the replacement costs, you can have them!”

The method is so subtle and fool-proof, that it is the perfect principle for many routines, from standard magic effects, to mentalism. The props can be thoroughly examined. Effects can be repeated. Even if a spectator tries to mess things up, you always know the correct answer! For example, if a spectator turns over multiple cards, you’ll know.

With these special cards, the performer can customize effects to a wide range of audiences and themes. These cards are perfect for trade show routines, mentalism and spirit effects, Bank Night tricks and more.

  • Includes five envelopes, five special ESP cards and instructions.  The blue of the cards may vary slightly due to printing!

Easy to perform but completely mind-blowing!

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