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Important: Read Carefully The Disclosure below. As is often the case with bundled DVD sets they contain various titles out of sequence or a combination of various projects.

This is a three DVD bundled set that comes with the booklet from Chicago Visions Video set. VERY IMPORTANT DISTINCTION: While this bundle DOES contain (3) separate DVD’s in addition to the booklet, one of the DVD’s from The Chicago Visions is NOT included in this bundled Set. THe 3rd DVD that “is” included (but is NOT to be substituted for the missing Chicago Visions DVD) is titled: Eugene Burger presents exploring magical presentation

In the Exploring Magical Presentations DVD (that comes with this bundle): Eugene Burger explores making magic memorable, and provides specific examples including fully developed routines that you can adapt for your own performances.

Chicago Visions/Tapes by Eugene Burger – DVD
The Chicago Tapes by Eugene Burger, is actually a set of 3 DVD’s and one explanation booklet (HOWEVER, only TWO of the DVD’s are present in this bundle from that series). This incredible collection features an in depth look into the routines, effects, and even the life of Eugene Burger.

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