Evoflex Spider Backdrop – Black


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German Engineered – German Manufactured. Evoflex is the most recent addition to the coveted Spider Backdrop product line. This new Spider Backdrop is lightweight, ingenious and very quick to install, thereby making a show out of your act. As with all Spider Backdrop’s the area behind the EVOFLEX provides a nice, quiet space (backstage) to get ready for your show. It is the perfect addition to the Spider line and has already generated impressive sales because of its great price and reputation of quality that only Spider can produce.

Spider Tex

EVOFLEX consists of two individual pop-up frames with drapes and stabilizers. They can be set-up individually, side by side, or with the entrance curtain. When it is fully set up, EVOFLEX is 220 cm (7,3 ft) high and 300 cm (10 ft) wide. The total weight is only 13 Kg. It comes with a handy wheeled duffel bag which makes the transport very easy. The setup time is less than 3 minutes. Check out the video if you don’t believe it.  

When it is packed down in the bag, its 110 cm (44-inches) long 20 cm (8-inches) high and 30 cm (12-inches) wide. The pop up frames are made by Spider in Germany. They are all metal constructed and the quality is known and appraised for two decades all over the world. The drapes are permanent flame retardant and available in 16 different color combinations using combinations of Royal Blue, Black, and Burgundy (mix and match) to form one set.

Additionally you can choose one four colors. Contact Mark at Stevens Magic for more details. Take control of your working conditions – quick and easy with EVOFLEX!  Spider Products – Berlin.

Optional Notes: Due to the variation of the euro to dollar., price reflected is subject to change. Additional shipping “is” also required, we will contact you post purchase.  All products are shipped from Germany.  Estimated Shipping cost is approx. $150 -$180-230 for reg. airmail (subject to variation due to currency exchange). 

Additional information

Weight 35.00 lbs
Dimensions 50.00 × 16.00 × 10.00 in

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