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Precision German Highest Quality!  Product is heavy duty, when you fill the weight – you will be impressed! 

Effect: While the magician tells the tale of the legendary sword known as Excalibur, he presents a heavy plinth with a slot and a bore at right angles to it. The magician places a ring, previously examined by the audience, in the slot and pushes Excalibur, the sword with magical powers, through the bore so that the ring is trapped in the slot. The plinth is placed on a spectator’s hand. The magician lifts the ring, which now passes through the sword and is released. But that is not all: The ring is again placed in the slot and can only be released by removing the sword. An illusion which excites all magicians, not only because of the astounding effect, but also because of the wonderfully crafted props.

Weight: 1 lbs (approximately)

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