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Also Available in BLUE Back – See Very Bottom of Page 

Many of you are no stranger to the rising card deck effect that has been sold in many versions in the past possibly most notably as the Devano Style Rising Card Deck.  As stated there have been many attempts at manufacturing this effect and in most cases either corners where cut on purpose either to save on cost or ease in production. However, whenever various previous manufactures would attempt this it almost always backfired on them with higher failure ratios or just poorly constructed mechanical execution which left us at least too afraid to promote the item – until now. This is the highest quality of this effect we at Stevens Magic have seen in a long time!  

We really like this version because there is real understanding of what is necessary to make this visual magical miracle a reality.  It is a fact, this will always be on the top ten of greatest card effects ever made.

You invite a spectator to choose a card and it is then lost back inside the deck.  From there you instruct the audience that the spirits will actually be performing the magic today – not the magician.  You place the deck ideally inside a clear class and step away from the glass and the deck and ask the specator and audience to focus their energy on the card deck several feet away standing in a glass.

Slowly but amazingly they begin to see motion!  But how can that be?  Yet that is exactly what it is – upward motion as one card continues to rise from the middle of the deck until it comes to rest as high as it an go without falling out of the deck.

Check out the following benefits and features:

  • Heavy Duty Mono Filament coupled with Efficient Rising Mechanism
  • Higher Altitude Rise out from the Deck compared with most other models.
  • Each Deck Pretested for quality, precision and reliability
  • Comes complete with detailed instructions
  • Extra back up Sticky REFILL included
  • You Can SHUFFLE, CUT, and MIX the cards up without damaging anything.
  • Every Gimmick has a Face Card with Matching Lift which is virtually undetectable .


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