Expanded Shimmed Quarter Shell w/ Bonus


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You asked for it. You wanted it! You even loved asking for it because you knew it wasn’t available and you wanted to prove your mastery of coin magic! But guess what? Now we got em! This allows you to completely cover a regular quarter and make the switch. Even better it comes with a gold colored quarter so you can perform a visual color change or use the shell for other imaginative reasons.

This expanded and shimmed quarter shell fits over a regular quarter and can be used for a variety of coin tricks, from Coin Matrix to vanishes and transposition effects. Routines can be found online, in books and on DVDs.

Shimmed! A shim has been added to this coin shell so it can be used with the Raven® magic trick, Magnetic Cards or Magnetic Pencils and similar devices. Perform amazing vanishes, changes and transformation!

Bonus! This Expanded, Shimmed Quarter Shell comes with a matching Gold Plated Quarter and instructions for The Midas Touch, a routine that uses a Raven. Simply wave your hand over the regular quarter and it visual changes to gold …. in a spectator’s hand! (Raven sold separately.)

This is a magic accessory that includes the Expanded, Shimmed Quarter Shell, matching Gold Plated Quarter and basic instructions. The Raven, Magnetic Cards and Magnetic Pencils are available separately.

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