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Expert At The Card Table – Erdnase (DVD and Booklet)


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S.W. Erdnaseís – The Expert At The Card Table. Starring Allan Ackerman & Narrated By Ernest Borgnine

The entire contents of the book is performed and taught by Ackerman. This was Dai Vernonís bible on card magic. Probably the greatest book ever written on card magic. You will see the correct way to read, watch
and learn the very complicated magic effects that are in the original, rare book.

There are 11 DVDs, an accompanying booklet that gives history and comments of S.W. Erdnase. If you want to call yourself a card man, you need to study everything you can that is in this ìbibleî. If it was good enough for Vernon… it can be good enough for you.

Booklet & 11 DVDs

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