Exploding Light Bulb (Mesika)


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By Yigal Mesika & Elian Agaian For over 20 years Stevens Magic has carried this fantastic miracle. A magician, or mentalist, holds between his two fingers a clear, ordinary light bulb, while being completely surrounded by a large audience. He explains that he can create something unforgettable, but he will need the audience’s participation. In fact, if they concentrate hard enough with him, they can witness it for themselves.

As the performer stares deep into the bulb, there is a sudden surge of energy, as glass shatters into hundreds of pieces. This is a completely safe and strong visual trick excellent for mentalist and psychics alike. All that is left are mystified spectators.

• Includes instructions, clear illustrations and tips • Perform anywhere at anytime, while completely surrounded • No electronics or anything up your sleeves • Easy to master and no special skills necessary • Can be performed as many times as you wish As Seen On the NBC TV Show “Phenomenon.” Also performed by Tom Frank on Fox News.

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