Extension Set Evoflex Royal Blue


Product Description

This product should only be purchased if you already own, or currently purchasing a Spider Back Drop Evoflex.   Additional Shipping cost above and beyond what is applied at check out will be required.

The extensions are a quick and inexpensive solution to increase the size of your Spiderbackdrop. They are made out of the original Spider material and permanent flame retardant. The extensions can be used to extend the backdrop sideways (20″ / 50cm each side) or to cover the back against side views. These two different ways make them so flexible and easy to work with. The construction is very simple, and they don’t need extra packaging since they fit in the Spiderbag together with your Spiderbackdrop.

The extensions come in a pair of two drapes on aluminum sticks, 20″/50cm wide and 7,3 ft high.

Item is shipped direct from Germany

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