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Alert! Alert! Have you heard about the epidemic going around the world recently named by the CDC* as “Up-Side Down Eye Syndrome?” It’s been growing for years and only recently has a pharmaceutical company in Brazil discovered an accurate and affordable test for this condition. They sold the US rights for distribution to Bill Montana, who by proxy allowed us to distribute this very important diagnosis tool.

The good news if you have an Up-Side Down Eye – it can be easily detected via this special Eye Tester Kit through a 3-Step Process.

Okay, enough of the spoof, this is just pure fun and games, but this item is a great little ice breaker and after all magicians are entertainers and the value of a simple prop is always of interest to most.

This is an up-graded version of a very old principle, many of you may already be familiar with, but Bill Montana has proven it’s not just the item, but how it’s packaged and presented that makes the difference.

While we can’t understand or explain why it works, it just works. Three cards are provided, along with the special lens bar necessary for the diagnosis. When the Eye Tester Lens is held up over two of the cards, somehow one of the words or both (depending on the card) are upside down? Yet on the first card, the lens reads it, exactly as it should be.

Of course as most things the fun is developing a comical routine and amping up the “Right Eye Syndrome.”

Each unit comes packed exceptionally well in plastic box, instructions, three cards, special lens and excellent graphics. This is just a fun item that you will enjoy.

* CDC = Comprehensive Department of Comedy.


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