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If you haven’t already heard the name Walter Davis, I’m confident that you will… His work is exceptionally well thought-out and thorough. He has tremendous intuitive insight coupled with a gift of taking complex subjects and not only understanding them but breaking them down into easily digestible and easily explainable principles. Walter really is exceptionally gifted concept artist. His work in the financial market has allowed him to have a unique perspective in applying marketing techniques for performers – in a unique manner that is featured in this product.

  • Want a new, highly profitable, and unique product to sell after your show?
  • Want to be seen as a published expert?
  • Want to make more money without the headaches?

Then the Face Reading Pitch Book is for you!

The customizable product is shipped to you in a DVD Case an features a PDF that is ready to take to your local printer, with a selection of 4 different titles and your name printed on the cover of the book. Having published a face reading book positions you not only as an author BUT as a Face Reading Expert.

  • Control your own inventory with the customizable PDF file which allows you to print as many copies as you need.
  • Give this high impact 26 paged book to high valued prospects and they will want to book you for a lecture.
  • Decide how much money you want to make with this powerful sales tool!

Don’t leave money on the table, take control of your back of the room sales now. Purchase the Face Reading Pitch Book today!  Note: This is the physcial product, delivered to your door. Face Reading Pitch Book

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