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Who says illusions have to be large and limited to stage venues! Fadeck is the perfect example that illusions can be performed close-up in intimate settings making them all the more incredible.

Imagine this: a spectator chooses a card and you keep it clearly in a pocket and the rest of the deck remains in one of your hands, now slowly, visually and magically the deck disappears until there is only one card left in your hand and it turns out to be… the chosen card and the rest of the deck is now… in your pocket!

FADECK is super visual, the deck disappears very slowly, and you reset it in five seconds. Excellent for close-up, street magic, table-hopping, or intimate parlor type venues. Inspired by magician Paul Harris, yet Juan Pablo has created a version with a different concept. The explanatory video includes three very powerful routines and a zoom version that is incredible.

  • FADECK is super visual and the deck disappears very slowly
  • Reset it in five seconds
  • Excellent for close up, Zoom, and stage magic
  • Includes three powerful routines and one specifically for Zoom performances
  • Available in red and blue Bicycle gimmicks

FADECK comes in two versions: Red Back Bicycle deck and Blue Back Bicycle deck.

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