Fakini Balls – 2 1/8th Inches MAGENTA – Three Ball Set with Shell


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Very Limited Sets – First Come First Serve.

Brilliant colors – constructed from medical grade silicone with the ellusive high-quality shell.   This set is pristine. Let me define pristine, never been opened, never been used.  I can’t state they are NEW, because they have been sitting in storage for a long time. But they are every bit as good as if they were recently produced.

This set is a 2 1/8″ featuring THREE balls and one shell.  The standard sets came with 3 balls and one shell.  All balls are MAGENTA.

The name Fakini sadly for many new artist to the specialty of magic is one they don’t know much if anything about.  However, there are still a very large percentage of magicians that immediately recognize the name brand.  Frank Radtke was the KING of manipulation balls for many years – and with good reason.  He created the finest set of manipulation balls the world had ever seen. They were the premium brand for working pro’s like Tim Wright, and the only balls used at the Chavez School of Magic.

But the one constant in this life is change… And with Frank’s passing the business lived on for a while with his son.  But in addition to the passing of Frank, (to paraphrase and slightly alter Bob Dylan’s famous song) – the times they were a-changing.  Sourcing the silicone became more expensive and difficult coupled with the explosion of manufacturing from China, made something that was for years unobtainable – available.  Other efforts were made to try to keep the name moving forward but they hit a substantial road block that I’m not in a position to elaborate on.

Previous manufactures who attempted the replicate Fakini Balls, were initially moderately successful in producing the balls, but that shell… That damn shell – continued to allude them for a long, long time.  But as time went on others filled the market with products of good quality – whether or not they were as good as Fakini – will always be debatable.

For those that yearn for the real deal, the original FAKINI brand we have a made available probably the last of inventory here.

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