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Fast and Colorful! Instant Card Fan To Jumbo Card Fan Performer shows a card fan (regular size) and it instantly changes into a JUMBO card fan! All hand-made and constructed in Europe. If you perform magic, a manipulative act this is a great effect that provides your stage with magic and color. Whether you perform it silently or even better – with music don’t underestimate this prop as either a stand-alone or a filler to incorporate in-between effects. The key is – as always is think creatively. Maybe this item doesn’t appeal to you as a stand alone – but it could be the perfect addition to Al Baker’s Diminishing cards (also available at Stevens Magic – see bottom of this page). You could start using this effect where you make a fan of regular sized cards transform into jumbo cards and then you could easily lead into Al Baker’s Diminishing Card effect where the cards continue to get smaller and smaller.

However you decide to incorporate it – it’s a great price for a visual effect, and instant magic is always a crowd pleasing experience!

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