Feather Mysteries – Steve Drury


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Stevens Magic is excited to continue our association with Steve Drury one of the UK’s most respected performers and authorities in the art.  Feather Mysteries is a unique study into the magick and mystery of feathers. Initially delving into the mystical aspects of birds, before venturing deeply into the rich realm of feathers including superstition, symbolism, divination, ritual and many other concepts.

A dust-jacket covered hardback with 286 pages, the book further features the authors own ideas and performance pieces, plus supporting contributions from Enrique Enriquez, Docc Hilford, Neal Scryer, Marc Salem, Ron Dayton (Kotah), Paul Gertner, Ning Cai (Mind-Magic Mistress), Jeff McBride, Jerome Finley, Mike Kay, Mark Edward & Carl Herron (Brother Shadow) , Christian Chelman, Dr Steve Murray, Lary Kuehn, Mary Tomich and Bill Zuerner (Balaram).

This collection of studies will enhance the creative process for any mystery performance …. You may never look at a feather in the same way again!

Foreword by Richard Webster
Author / Editor Steve Drury
Hardcover, 288 Pages

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