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Another SME Exclusive!

From internationally respected magician Omar Ferret we are pleased to present his sleek and stealthy coin tube. Like all his previous products (also available exclusively at Stevens Magic), they are precise and to quality standards you would expect from Omar Ferret. Thus they are the perfect marriage of premium quality manufacturing from the mindset of a true working professional. The benefits to the recipients are:

  • Hand Crafted by Omar Ferret
  • Conceptual Creation and Routine by Omar Ferret
  • Never Mass Products – Means You Get Something Unique and Special.

Effect: Magician displays three individual pieces of an apparatus. The contents of which are two identical aluminum open tubes and one aluminum circular round disc. The tubes are stacked on top of each other, and then the circular disc is strategically placed in the middle, between the two tubes. Next an Eisenhower silver dollar is introduced and tossed inside the tube, but obviously when the magician picks up the stack of two tubes, there is nothing inside. Naturally this is because the circular disc prevented the silver dollar from penetrating through it.

Omar Ferret Magic

What the magician does next is a true display of magic. He lifts up the entire apparatus which again shows the two coin tubes, (one on top of the other), separated in the middle -by the circular disc. He tosses the sliver dollar inside the tube and incredibly the coin melts through the disc and is seen falling out of bottom coin tube! Naturally, the spectators are suspicious! So the magician removes the top coin tube exposing that the circular disc is still solid! The magician then removes the disc showing it on both sides — front and back — solid as can be. Finally the magician also then shows the tubes! With very basic coin skills you can even hand out the apparatus for examination post performance!

Exceptionally visual magic happens right in front of the spectators eyes! A true feat of “matter-through-matter” if there ever was one.

The mechanism is brilliantly engineered, and deviously deceptive and best of all, easy to activate. Comes with gimmicked and non-gimmicked circular disc. Featuring incredible value for the price, especially when you factor in the precision manufacturing and quality.

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