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Exclusively For Stevens Magic…Finally, a prediction board you can count on, allowing you to concentrate solely on the presentation and allowing the product to work the magic for you! After many years Rocky Clements is finally offering the magic community one of his most powerful effects—what he calls the “Ultimate Final Answer” in Prediction Boards. That time is now!

It goes like this…The audience is asked to develop a story with the details recorded on a single chalkboard, in colored chalk by the magician. Immediately after, the magician opens the upper door to reveal that his prediction, written in white chalk, matches perfectly with the spectators freely chosen words.

This is an entirely unique principle that eliminates the drawbacks of every of prop of this nature. • No Force • No Assistants • No Electronics • No “one ahead” • No “loading” the prediction from tables or envelopes, etc. Just write the spectator’s answers and the magic is done! The most direct and straightforward principle possible.

The prop measures 20-inches X 30-inches with the chalkboard large enough to be read in the largest venues, yet small enough to be easily handled. The original method used was first applied by David Howarth and Ken Brooke on a small slate they marketed many years ago. This item comes with detailed tips and instructions teaching you how to maximize the impact of this amazing device, directly from professional performer Rocky Clements who uses this very effect in his act.

A real reputation maker! Thanks to Rocky Clements for working with us on this exclusive piece. Each piece is created using C&C technology in small limited runs—thus there may be a few weeks delay in delivery. Optional & recommended: Custom foam lined, hard shell plastic case available estimated $195.00

I want to thank you for the great mentalism tool that you came up with. I am talking about the Ultimate Final Answer. I am using it in every show I do. Many times, it saved my face when, for any technical reason, my predictions went wrong or when it was not possible for me to read minds by traditional ways with difficult subjects. I always have you Final Answer on the stage and I use it whenever I need it.   —  Frédéric Clément Théâtre L’Enchanteur

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