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When You Hear The Blade Fall – You Will Believe!  

Don’t make the mistake of saying you have seen this before! You haven’t! While you may be familiar with previous versions, this is the most professional, top-of-the-line model we have EVER seen. Constructed from the finest quality Walnut, this baby weighs more than 2 times the cheaper previous models did. It tips the scales at approximately, 3 pounds, 5 ounces. Additionally, the blade is far more intimidating too.

Previous models had such wimpy looking blades. They were nothing but a novelty, but with this unit, your role as executioner exceptional will NOT be doubted! The blade is constructed of heavy-duty metal. Not only is it cosmetically superior, it is also superbly gimmicked. Bottom line it’s the best you can get inside and out. And there is NO chance of the blade ever coming into contact.

The Best part is when a spectator sticks their finger inside the hole when the blade falls you HEAR it loudly, even 30-40 feet away! It has an undeniable sound that you would SWEAR that blade traveled from the top to the bottom.   Previous models had no audible sound like this one – I PROMISE YOU! Nothing more convincing than this model.

This is the perfect “must have” accessory for any magic room—or for your office. Nothing garners attention more than a guillotine. Add a sense of power and domineering to your room or office, and a lot laughs and fun.

Safety is 100%. There is NO way you could harm either yourself or the spectator. Works on a fantastic and consistent methodology. This is a piece you will want to show off! The first unit went to Joe’s office! Trust me, at this point in Joe’s career something must be special to make that cut. Note: Dims subject to change however height is approx. 20 – 22″ tall.  Weight approx. 3″ and 5 ounces. Due to the fact these are all hand-made slight variations in size and color of wood will vary.

Speed Demo – by Andy Martin – – used with permission. 

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1 review for Finger Guillotine – Walnut

  1. BrandonKirkNewsom (verified owner)

    The sound of the blade… wow! This is a beautifully crafted piece- I’ve had many finger guillotines over the years but this is by far the best. It’s a fantastic illusion and I can guarantee you have never seen this version before. The blade (btw-it’s an intimidating piece of metal) falling from the top thru the finger to the bottom is so convincing! I’m impressed and it takes alot to impress me :-). I’d suggest a video of this demonstrated so you can see and hear the impact. This is very a convincing effect and I highly recommend it.b

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