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Your Personal Intimate “One On One” Session With Finn Jon! Without a doubt, one of the most creative minds in magic the magic world!  This re-edited and revised DVD is full of original ideas, routines with items we are all familiar with!  You will learn STAGE & CLOSE-UP TECHNIQUES!

  • ROUGH & SMOOTH-Make your own paper to bills. How to force cards with rough and smooth principles.
  • CREATIVE IDEAS WITH A THUMB TIP-Using a thump tip with a dice cup. Variations for silk vanishes. Finn’s secret silk vanishing gimmick.
  • ZOMBIE BALLS-FINN’S WAY-Non-traditional zombie routines (not the ways you and I know). Finn’s secret zombie gimmick, you can make yourself for balls, bottles, Coca Cola cans, etc.
  • NEW WORLD EGGS & BALLS MAGIC-Multiplying eggs and multiplying sponge balls. (No 1/2 shells used.) The Floating Egg.
  • THE GREAT THREAD STORY-(No one spins more thread than Finn Jon creator of the Famous Elastic Loop). Watch him levitate items in different ways.
  • PORTABLE SOAP BUBBLE GIMMICK-How to make your own simple portable gimmick that you can carry with you anywhere and be ready to do bubble magic instantly!

This DVD is so entertaining, even IF you never perform what Finn teaches! We promised you an enlighten evening watching Finn perform his magic and he will fool you-Guaranteed! Professional tips, routines for Stage & Close-Up from a professional. A bargain to “pick” Finn’s brain! Published by Stevens Magic, Georges Proust and Pierre Meyer.

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