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One Year Guarantee! Yes – even fire books get updated – and this is Version 2.0 Baby!  This is the best fire book on the market. This great prop demands attention whenever you use it. Open the book and flames burst from its pages! Can be repeated multiple times so that every time you open the book, you are greeted with fire. Opens with or without flames – you are in the drivers seat.

Great for:

  • Fire Safety
  • Outdoor BBQ Tips
  • Global Warming Facts
  • Fireman’s Hand Book
  • Fireside Stories
  • Winter Survival Guide
  • Hot Ideas

Can be used also as a hilarious comedy prop as you act startled, puzzled, annoyed and befuddled by the recurring flames. Book measures 61/4 x 91/2 x 1-inch. Plain black cover. This is a Top Quality product that unlike older versions requires no flint or awkward movements to initiate the fire. It’s all controlled by a strategically located red button. When that button is pushed the fire begins!  Battery-Operated.

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