Fire Book To Dove – Exclusive


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Don’t worry – Joe didn’t kill the dove! This one was fun to shoot, and a trick we give high marks for in quality and impact.

The creation of life from fire!  What could be more awesome and magical?  You can’t beat the imagery of Fire to Dove! Taking one of the most powerful tools on earth – fire, which you control at your command and then upon extinguishing the flames – from the fire comes the universal symbol of peace – the dove!  The photo shows a prop dove, but real doves can easily be used.

Excellent quality as the book is solidily constructed and well worth the value. It weighs approx. 1 lbs. 13 oz., and measures 11″ tall by 8 1/5″ wide and approx 1 1’4″ thick. The title features: Magic’s Secrets on the front cover. It also comes with a DVD instructional as well as extra parts for the future – well thought out for sure.

The load is generous and safe, allowing you easily produce one dove with room to spare.  This is the best version of this effect we have seen and why we are so excited about it.  Check back for Video Demo soon!

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