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Metallic Silver Finish with Black Base. Total Savings $1,350 PLUS FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48!

The VERY SAME quality & features and the “No-Bolt” assembly. [assembles in 2 minutes WITHOUT tools of any kind]. Dream Illusions world famous Fire Cage is now available in “Metallic Silver”. Dream Illusions Fire Cage has a completely new fire box design AND the new “easy trip” trap latch. [requires one hand only.]

Jack Murray has the best quality fire cage one the market! Read below to learn why!  For a LIMITED time you can save BIG TIME on this effect! If you have ever waited to buy a big illusion – this is the opportunity! Don’t miss it!   No tricks here! You have my word.  Comes shipped in a plywood crate – but optional ATA is available (for additional cost).  However, ATA is not required!  The item can be shipped without.

The Fire Cage assembles in about 2 minutes WITHOUT tools, and is very rigid when assembled. Packs up as, 43″ X 33″ X 13″. Fully assembled is, 57″ H, X 32″W, X 41″ L.  Road tested and modified over 11 years. Over 100 units sold to date. Two locking and two Non-locking casters on FC. With respects to Jonathan Pendragon. Imagine this…Show a cage completely empty, light a huge fire in bottom of the cage—cover cage with red foulard—TWO seconds later your beautiful assistant STANDS up and exits the cage! I believe this to be the finest Fire Cage on the market today. If you’ve seen other Fire Cages, you know they can take 10 to 20 minutes to assemble and then there are all those bolts and wing nuts to loose. NOT WITH THIS ONE! From the case, ONE person can assemble this Fire Cage in under two minutes, and here’s the best part…there are NO bolts, nuts, wing nuts, pins, clips or ANY fasteners of any kind, yet this is very strong and stable. It features a unique interlocking and channel system..

This also features a “quick release” leg system created by Dream Illusions. The TOP AND FRONT hinge, so your assistant can stand up to exit. The load space also has a “spandex floor”, which allows your assistant to sink into the base an additional 3 to 4 inches. The overall interior dimensions are: 38” front to back, 28” wide and 26” high. The “load space” is 12” deep x 28” wide x 29 1/2” high. The “fire box” is HUGE…4” x 12”, so your fire can be as small or as large as you wish. When the large foulard is pulled off it releases the “trap” and ALSO extinguishes the fire. The mechanics are virtually SILENT!

FABRICATION TIME: This item is MADE TO ORDER!  Turn Around time is 3-4 weeks.  MUST be shipped Freight.     Shipped ONLY in the lower 48, in a Plywood shipping crate. 

Additional Insurance ($50-$70) may be required by the seller.  ATA cases are also available for an up-charge.  Special Chrome finish also available for up-charge. To avoid additional lift charges and shipping fee’s someone MUST help the driver unload the crate. 

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Weight 160.00 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 12 in

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