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Looking for the best Fire Wallet?

Victor… I received my Fire Wallet this morning after the long journey to get here. It arrived in perfect condition – thanks for the expert packaging. I am thrilled with the wallet. It is all I had wanted it to be AND more! I appreciate the slit on the “normal” side. I photocopy my credit card and my driver’s license and laminate them. I adhere one to the other and slide them in the wallet so that it helps the prop to present itself as a normal wallet. I am so impressed with the quality of the design and construction of this amazing new product. It was expensive but I expect it to operate 100% of the time and for it to last for many years. – Rhett Bryson – Furman University – Department of Theatre Arts

Leave it to Viktor Voitko to take a classic in magic and magic is better – MUCH BETTER! There are plenty of fire wallets out there. In fact, it’s one of the most popular selling items related to magic. And make no mistake this is probably the most expensive fire wallet on the market – but there is a valid saying, “you get what you pay for!” This model will last up to 24 hour with one application. You read that right. Most all other models have an exceptionally limited strike time (defined as the amount of time that can pass between when you prep the wallet with fuel and when you ignite it). Only a very few allow you to be able to light the wallet with confidence and only one – the Voikto Fire Wallet will allow you to do this up to 24 hours AFTER you applied the fuel.

But this isn’t only about performance. The style and quality of the wallet is modern and streamlined and it’s professionally crafted to last years. Simply one look at the photo will prove this as a fact.

There are several reasons to choose the Voikto Fire Wallet.


  • Works 100% of the time
  • Special design of the wallet allows the retention fluid inside for more than 24 hours.
  • One battery charge allows you to make more than 200 ignitions.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • The wallet style is comtemporary and modern crafted from the highest quality leather.
  • Safety features include an “On/Off Switch.”

The OneTouch Fire Wallet set is included:

1 x Special Wallet
1 x Bottle for petrol (Zippo again is NOT included)
1 x USB Charger
Special little accessory!

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