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Magician shows a mini LED light to the spectator. He simply touches the top of the green LED light held between his finger tips and it magically lights! The magician talks about Fireflies and how they magically glow.

The green LED light represents the Firefly. He folds his hands with fingers clasped and thumbs touching forming a circle. The Magic Firefly appears to be flying/levitating inside his hands moving from side to side with no visible means of support!

The Firefly light is bright enough to make your thumb and finger tip glow—just like the movie E.T. You end the routine and let the Firefly go home. You can hand out the LED light for examination.

This effect uses no threads, wires or magnets. You won’t believe the methods. A very original and clever concept! Instantly repeatable. Great for all audiences!

Comes complete with photo instructions and an adorable routine. A bonus routine and effect about a haunted candle is included with three special LED lights and gimmick.

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