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SHIPS 11/24/2017

A very old principal resurrected and made foolproof! It’s diabolical! This one will fool Magicians and maybe yourself. Long in development. The Magician is able to discern the first thought that the spectator writes down on a notepad with an ordinary-looking dark grey Sharpie Marker!

This very subtle effect and possible presentations are a reputation maker. You discern the first written word, number, time, name, phrase—anything! Circle a pip on a playing card, a serial number on a dollar bill and much more! The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Resets quickly.  Many of you are already thinking about the power of this effect.  Those of you that understanding how to maximize a routine, are thinking better to use it in conjunction with another effect where-by the information garnered is saved for later, to be used as a stepping stone to a finale. But even at it most basic level – as a simple revelation it has merit.   But good performers romance and build upon information that is secretly revealed.

A must-have perfected mental effect that has been long forgotten. Get this one! No one ahead method or forcing.Don’t Miss This One! Comes complete with special Sharpie Pens, Notepad and complete instructions.

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