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I like Robert Frederico’s improvement on this classic of mentalism! It is direct and the audience can describe what they saw in one sentence. It features many creative possibilities. I like this a lot! Thanks for sharing Robert. Lior Manor

A very old principal resurrected and made foolproof! It’s diabolical! This one will fool Magicians and maybe yourself. Long in development. The Magician is able to discern the first thought that the spectator writes down on a notepad with an ordinary-looking dark grey Sharpie Marker!

This very subtle effect and possible presentations are a reputation maker. You discern the first written word, number, time, name, phrase—anything! Circle a pip on a playing card, a serial number on a dollar bill and much more! The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Resets quickly.  Many of you are already thinking about the power of this effect.  Those of you that understanding how to maximize a routine, are thinking better to use it in conjunction with another effect where-by the information garnered is saved for later, to be used as a stepping stone to a finale. But even at it most basic level – as a simple revelation it has merit.   But good performers romance and build upon information that is secretly revealed.

A must-have perfected mental effect that has been long forgotten. Get this one! No one ahead method or forcing.Don’t Miss This One! Comes complete with special Sharpie Pens, Notepad and complete instructions.

REVIEW: Marc DeSouza 

This my favorite of the three Robert Frederico items I was sent for review. It is an update of a concept I first became familiar with through Ned Rutledge, but the basic idea has been in print in different forms. Essentially, it allows the performer to have a participant write a name on a slip of paper, then write several more names on identical slips of paper and the performer is able to identify the first name written. The obvious routine to utilize this principle is a Living and Dead Test, but the method allows one to easily identify the first thing written. Another idea is to have a list of items. Ask the participant to circle the one they would like, then circle all of the others.

You will be able to instantly identify the first one circled. The papers are not marked in any way and you can use anything to have the words written on. You can even have them circle one digit on a bill, then circle the others; you can instantly identify the first number circled.

This updated version uses Sharpie pens. Robert discovered an interesting property about a couple of these pens that makes this work. It is a very clever idea that can and will be used by magicians and mentalists. The preparation is easy and you will be able to get replacement pens without much problem. You are supplied with the pens and a pad so you can get started right away, along with a set of instructions containing the basic handling and further tips, along with a number of different ideas for use and some templates for a few effects. This is a great idea as well as being a very versatile one and all at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended. – Marc DeSouza

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1 review for First Thought – Robert Frederico

  1. jamescarter883

    Great idea. Everything needed to preform this is included. Wonderful instructions. Robert is truly one of the top creative minds in magic today.

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