Five To Nine (5 To 9)


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Very good quality and phenomenal price.

IF you like comedy and laughs (who doesn’t?) …This is for you! A great routine for a jumbo card revelation. Guaranteed to get you laughs! Magician has a card selected and shows his prediction card before the selection is made (but does not show it face). Spectator then selects a card and before revealing their card to the audience, the magician shows his prediction.

It’s the wrong prediction! Spectator is asked to show the card they selected and it’s the 9 of Hearts. Oops! The magician’s card shows his prediction to be the 5 of Hearts, so he looks embarrassed to say the least.

At the given moment, holding the jumbo 5 of Hearts, the spots on the card visually morphs into the 9 of Hearts. Viola! He has saved the day and welcomes lots of laughs at the finale! 5 To 9 is self-working. A great filler. Fun & easy to do. Approx. Dimensions 7″ tall by 5″ wide. Very good quality and phenomenal price.

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