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THIS ITEM DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING AND HANDLING! Stevens Magic is proud to once again provide these exceptionally high quality illusions to our esteemed clientele made for us by Rich Hill Illusions. Let’s face it, the introduction is just as important as making sure the show finishes strong. We feel there is no better way to create the atmosphere of excitement and peak the emotions of your audience then making sure your introduction is stronger than just an MC’s standard intro! The Flash Appearance combines elements of suspense, music and creates a magical ambience that starts the crucial momentum. You only have one chance to make a first impression and with the Flash Appearance you can rest assured you have done all you can to make that impression a memorable one! As the curtains open, the beautiful portal with a ring of lights is seen chasing like a Las Vegas Marquee. Suddenly, a slow stream of smoke emerges in front of the portal, followed by a flash and a burst of smoke. Instantly, you, the magician, appear out of nowhere. An incredible Opener for your show!! This wonderful piece is designed in the classical style. The ring of lights consists of 75 7watt bulbs with an adjustable chase controller. Comes complete with 100 bulbs, so you will have some extras. 120/110 VAC power for the chasers and the fog machine, included. The Flashpot runs independently and is powered with a 9-volt battery. Everything is controlled by the Magician. Packs into an optional ATA Road Case measuring 41-inches x 37-inches x 18-inches. Your Flash Appearance is built custom for you. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Please Should you need specifics and questions please contact Mark Stevens on any of these illusions at [email protected], or call the office in case Mark is on the road. If you are interested in the Custom ATA Case for this item ($835 plus shipping), please indicate in the “Comments” section of the order form.

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