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Show em’ what money means to you – nothing when you burn it!  Burn it I say!  Now you can do just that using these exceptionally realistic flash bills.  Use them an a visual accessory to a burned and restored bill or as you see fit.  Nothing catches people’s attention like fire – and if that is true – imagine the reaction when they see you burning CASH! Printed on one side, you can’t tell from a distant whether it’s the real bill or a fake one. Excellent for close-up magic. No smoke and ash left after burning. These are theatrical props that when lit with fire; produce an amazing visual of fire that leaves no residue. After the bill or flash paper is lit – you see a fantastic “flash” and then it vanishes! Perfect to use for magical misdirection of creating a magical element.

Panda Magic

Contains: Ten U.S. bills – precut, and ready to go!

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