Flash Flowers – (8 per unit) – Professional Grade.


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Exceptional quality and amazingly detailed – these flash flowers are the very best.  These are also beautifully packaged, arranged just like you would expect something to come from the flower shop.

Innovative products that are sure to add a FLASH to your next performance! Flash paper and cotton are staples many of us use for good reason in our effects, but these new generation of flash products are here! These exciting FLASH FLOWERS have the added benefits of being able to be incorporated as a magic effect in addition to the visual flash they produce! Because these items are extremely lightweight, they could easily be used to float and levitate!

They all could be levitated using “loops” (both regular and large) and in particular for the Flash Feathers. Or incorporate them with dove magic! Of course, these are just a few possible uses or applications. But these products should highly be considered even if just used for traditional visual effects as in the case with flash paper.

These are brilliantly colored such that it anyone could easily tell, even from a long distance they are flowers.  But these flowers pack a punch – or we should say – “A Flash!”

We can’t imagine a more perfect marriage of natural poetic beauty and flash products. The themes and routines that one could incorporate this prop are too numerous to mention and limited to one’s creativity.

NOTE: Flash products are sold without any instructions and the above routines are possible suggestions only.

Flash Paper.

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