Flash Paper – MEDIUM THICKNESS (4 Sheets)


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This is the finest flash paper sold. This is the style and brand everyone wants – at least all our customers.  While our number one seller is the THIN Flash Paper which is used and designed to formulate Kevin James’ classic “Floating Rose” effect, there are PLENTY of reasons why sometimes you need THICKER paper.  Often writing an incantation on the paper which can be easily visibly seen from a distance if written with a Sharpie or other Marker.

Or you may need thicker paper to formulate a small paper airplane or other object that would not be possible with the thin paper.   That is why we offer this MEDIUM Thickness paper.   While we cannot say for sure that you wouldn’t be able to use this for the Kevin James floating rose effect, we suggest that “IF” that is your reason to purchase the THIN version we also sell.

Finally, we sometimes have even a HEAVIER Thickness flash paper that will accommodate other objectives for séances and other creative reasons why you would want to use the thickest paper possible.

Each sheet is 8″ X 9″ in size – 4 sheets/pack.

IMPORTANT: We suggest at these great prices you purchase one package of each style we have in stock so you can really find out which thickness your prefer – THIN, MEDIUM, or MAXIMUM Thickness (subject to availability). 

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