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These sheets are thicker then the “thin” flash paper sheets we also offer from time to time.  This is a high quality product for use in handheld pyro products, yet it can also be used any time a quick flash of fire is needed.  It is safe to use in the hands as directed. It burns quickly and completely with no ash or smoke and can easily be lighted by a match, igniter wire, cigarette, candle, or lighter.

Flash paper has a incredible amount of possible uses and paper is also preferred for gospel magic as you can even write on it.  Many programs write various sins and then visibly illustrate with a quite flame that they completely vanish in thin air.

You get 4 Sheets with each sheet 8″ x 9.”  Note: Not sold to anyone under 18 years of age.  Keep flash paper away from people and animals and use at your own risk.

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