Flash Playing Cards – Combo Pack 2 – King Diamonds and Queen of Hearts – Panda Magic


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This product comes with 5 King of Diamonds and 5 Queen of Hearts

Brilliant and vivid – colors so strong you honestly wouldn’t be able to tell they are not the real card stock, but they’re not. They are flash paper with two different card faces.   You get a total of 10 sheets per package – each package contains 5 piece of each of the two cards.

Used for a variety of various card effects limited only to one’s imagination.

Excellent for close-up magic. No smoke and ash left after burning. These are theatrical props that when lit with fire; produce an amazing visual of fire that leaves no residue. After the bill or flash paper is lit – you see a fantastic “flash” and then it vanishes! Perfect to use for magical misdirection of creating a magical element.

Panda Magic

Contains: Ten cards – precut, (usually but not always featuring the King of Diamonds and Queen of Hearts). All ready to go!

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