Flash Restoration – Alexander de Cova – Red Deck


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Incredible Visual Magic At It’s Best from Alexander De Cova!

From the mind of and with permission from Alexander de Cova comes one of the most impressive bang for you bucks card effects that will leave spectator in awe and amazement.  In fact, this will even blow magician’s minds as well! This trick does not discriminate – it blows everyone’s minds equally!  It will blow your mind too!  This is a brilliant, instantaneous card effect – such that you have never seen! It’s over in seconds, but will leave a memorable impression for long after. Great routine and powerful finish – just like magic should be performed.

Get this… spectator chooses any card (no forces).  The card is torn into pieces and one piece is given to the spectator to hold. Performer places the rest of the pieces on top of the deck. He then tells the spectator to watch closely – and he ain’t kiddin!  He slaps his hand down on top of the deck and Viola! The pieces vanish in a instant! What is left is the original card – fully restored, except for one piece that the spectator is still holding.  It matches the restored card! Unbelievable! 

  • Quick visual magic.
  • Easy to do.
  • Absolutely no touch sleights.
  • Great for close-up and table magic. Brilliant thinking.

Comes complete with regular deck, invisible gimmick and detailed instructions.

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