Flight Deck

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John Kennedy’s Flight Deck…the ultimate “no touch” coins to glass! Cover any glass with a deck of cards. Toss a coin toward the glass – it disappears and visually materializes with a loud clink inside the glass! Repeat it as often as you like. You can even let a spectator hold the glass when the coin appears! It looks impossible because you’re nowhere near the glass!

Flight deck works with practically any type of coin (even foreign coins), and any cup or glass. The precision gimmick converts your own brand of playing cards into an instant “Flight Deck.” Slide the deck into its box and you’re ready to go. By the way, there are no holes in the box whatsoever!

No sleight-of-hand is needed because Flight Deck vanishes the coin for you and makes it reappear inside the glass automatically! You will literally be using Flight Deck in less than two minutes! Just pop the companion CD into your computer and watch John teach this astonishing routine.

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